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Delinte Tire Dealer

Tire City has proud to announce officially becoming part of the Delinte tire dealers. Delinte tires have a great benefit compared to its competition. Most importantly is Quality. Nothing beats driving on a high quality tire that will give you peace of mind on the road. No one wants to worry about the next tire change or being stuck on the road because of a blowout tire. Pick Delinte Tires and you wont have to worry about your safety, quality, and affordability. Since we are a Dealer of delinte tire brand we are able to offer the best pricing on these tires. We carry the full line of Delinte in sizes ranging from 15” all the way to 30”. We carry all these tires in stock no need to wait and order tires.


The D7 is V, H, W and Y speed-rated. It is a high performance UHP tire. It has a very quit tire design allowing for low road noise. The most annoying sound when driving is the sound of noisy tires, with the Delinte D7 you will not have to worry about the noise or speed. The D7 offers many different sizes in OEM replacement as well as plus sizing fitments. D7 offers one of the largest ranges of staggered sizes on the market. tire-patternsStaggered wheels are a growing trend in the wheel and tire industry. Having miss-matched tires look awful on any ride. Now shopping for staggered tires had never been easier. We have staggered setup tire sizes from sizes 17” to 28”. The Delinte D7 is the right choice for high performance cars.


Delinte D8

The Delinte D8 comes in a V, W, and Y speed rating combining aggressive good looks with a civilized ride. The D8 has a very unique thread tire design benefiting the driver in many ways. This pattern is Made with a special high silica compound for improved fuel economy and longer tire life. The D8 special vwy-speed-ratingssilica formula compound allows for fast braking and very responsive handling in any situation wet or dry. The grooves allow for easy water evacuation and resist hydroplaning. Driving in wet conditions can be very dangerous unless your car is equipped with the Delinte D8 tires; you are sure to reach your destination fast and safe. The large footprint of the tire would allow your vehicle to grip and hug the road with ease, whether you are going 20m.p.h or 120mph. This unique pattern of the D8 is still able to reduce noise levels at high speeds. This thread is available in many sizes ranging from 20” to 30”

buy-delinte-tires-el-paso-txWhether your are looking for tires for your car or truck Delinte is the way to go. Delinte has very good reviews from your customer and even employees, giving you a smooth and comfortable ride, even when it comes to balancing, they are easy to balance with little or no issues compared to any other high-end brand. Delinte satisfies all your car handling, comfort, and safety desires. Delinte is the way to go!